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Fight for the Abolishment of Stoning
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Fight for the Abolishment of Stoning

"Have you seen the video which was taped in the courtyard of a prison in Tehran?
The crime of the man is extramarital affair. The punishment?  To be lashed 100 times, then stoned to death. The beating begins. The arm goes up and comes down savagely breaking through the fiber, cutting the skin. After the lashing is complete, they cover him in a white sheet and place him in a hole already dug. Men in overcoats shovel the earth back into the hole such that he is buried in the ground up to their waists. And the stoning begins. As the sharp jagged rocks find their entrapped victims, the white sheet becomes spotted with red. Soon they are soaked with blood. Shortly after, the shroud is ripped away and a body half covered in blood is exposed. Their faces are not recognizable. There is nothing left but ripped skin, crushed bones and blood, everywhere."

The blood thirsty Islamic Regime is doing it again. According to Doran-Emrouz daily in January 3, 2001 edition published in Iran, a thirty eight years old woman has been charged and convicted of murdering of her husband. A Judge called Ganji has ordered her to be stoned to death. Her accomplice has been also sentenced to death. 

These barbaric acts are not arbitrary violation of human rights by a certain hard liner within the Islamic Republic of Iran. Stoning is part of the Penal Code of the Constitution of the IRI. Examining this code and just one of the Articles of the Constitution would tell  the sad story that how these barbaric acts have become lawful in Islamic Regime.

Islamic Penal Code: